After completing a bachelor of business and beginning work in the banking sector, Steve felt pulled toward a vocation, rather than just a job. Drawing on over fifteen years’ experience as an amateur boxer, black belt in karate and avid cyclist, he found himself returning to study to focus on anatomy and physiology.

His background as an athlete, along with experience of other athletes led him to believe that while athletes invariably have better methods of moving and doing, the principles that underlie those methods are of value to everybody. Consequently, the requirements of strength, stabilization and muscular synchronicity apply to any client that enters his care. 

Steve has coached triathlon squads for the City of Yarra as well as at the Richmond Pool, Fitzroy Pool and the Collingwood Leisure Centre. He was the senior technique coach at the State Swimming Centre and taught blind, deaf, and disabled swimmers at the City Baths.

He has also lectured at Victoria University in Marketing, Nutrition, Public Relations and Leadership as well as lecturing for the Australian Institute of Fitness in Personal Training courses, and other external providers in anatomy and physiology.

As much as results-driven outcomes are important, the most valuable feedback to Steve’s way of thinking comes from his long-term clients that testify to habits and skills that are still being applied in their day to day lives. 

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