Sharif Long BExSc

A love of weight training led Sharif to complete a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Sport Science, pursuing a specialised focus in strength and conditioning.

Sharif’s philosophy is that strength should be the underlying principle of any good training program. Whether that is achieved through competitive powerlifting or bodyweight exercises, strength is the vital ingredient for a healthy life.

By placing a strong emphasis on the importance of technique and correct movement patterns, Sharif improves performance and assists you to reach your goals in the safest, most effective way possible.

He enjoys working with a diverse clientele, ranging from the general population to athletes working towards specific outcomes. Maximising the individual results of his clientele is the distinct mark of his ability.

Sharif believes knowledge to be the true cornerstone of his craft and has continued to enrich his knowledge base beyond his university studies to provide you with the most enjoyable, most rewarding experience possible.

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