• Theme Parks and Obstacle Courses August 20, 2017
    Final “Before I went overseas, I had a car accident. On the Great Ocean Road. My brother and I…” Pat’s eyeline crossed over Natalie’s. His shame reared up and struck him. He dropped his head and wiped his face on his sleeve. He wanted to get down from the lectern, but the audience seemed a […]
  • Morbid Love August 15, 2017
    2. I probably first walked into a fight gym shortly after that so I could learn to stand up to him physically because reason and honesty weren’t working, but it was more than that. When I looked in the mirror, I saw what he saw; I was weak. And ugly. He was disgusted by me, […]
  • Theme Parks and Obstacle Courses – A novel August 10, 2017
    76 Natalie had offered to drive, but Pat declined. The Val was a lot different to her Mitsubishi. When steering, the front of the car seemed to change direction like an ocean liner, as if pivoting from the back wheels. Taking a mangled car back to Johnny would have been one of the few remaining […]
  • Morbid Love August 6, 2017
          ‘Ever seen a human heart? It looks like a fist wrapped in blood.’ – Patrick Marber, Closer. 1 I hit a few women in the time I worked as a bouncer. Never with the intention of inflicting injury, or even causing harm; it was always a matter of self-defence. It once fell to […]
  • Theme Parks and Obstacle Courses – A Novel June 26, 2017
    75 Pat found the front door of the hotel locked; he had to ring the doorbell for the night clerk to let him inside. As he climbed the stairs, the sheen of reflected light rendered the windows almost opaque but the features of the cliff-top view were printed underneath, like the lines of a sketch. […]
  • Theme Parks and Obstacle Courses – a Novel June 11, 2017
    74 Pat threaded his arms under Stevie’s and, locking his hands behind his neck, pulled him into a full-nelson. He dropped the neck of the broken bottle, confirming Pat’s belief that he wouldn’t vindictively attack him. “NO! NONONONONO!!!” Stevie howled, his words dissolving in a torrent of pain and frustration. Pat held him tighter and […]
  • Theme Parks and Obstacle Courses – a Novel June 3, 2017
    73 “You’re back early,” Wally remarked as Pat walked into the office, dropping the car keys on the desk. “Johnny will be pleased.” “Where’s my replacement? There was no bouncer on the door when I came in.” “Getting stoned, around the corner.” “You’re kidding me.” “He’s an old mate of Johnny’s,” said Wally, lifting his […]
  • Boxing: ‘Simplicity is the Last Step in Art and the Beginning of Nature’. May 27, 2017
      Without wanting to get too technical, boxing is one of few sports which delivers a truly comprehensive workout. The thing I like best about boxing is that it is the essence of the maxim, ‘easy to learn but hard to master.’ It’s quick and easy for you to get going and begin developing your […]
  • Theme Parks and Obstacle Courses – a Novel May 14, 2017
    72 The restaurant spanned the side of the hotel that presented itself to the sea. As night gathered along the horizon, the sky was drawn in shades of black. Darkest at middle sky and middle sea, it shifted tones until the rags of cloud that reflected the crescent moon’s light were balanced by the white […]
  • Theme Parks and Obstacle Courses – a Novel April 30, 2017
    71 As they entered the coastal town of Torquay, the sun made its way a little higher into the sky. The light had lost some of its yellow and become a little more chrome. Because of its station, the beams clipped the roofs of houses and sprayed into points of brilliance. Pat had to pull […]