• Millennial ‘Ethics’ July 24, 2022
    I recently found myself embroiled with a couple of young women, millennials that I will refer to as A. and S., who seemed to defy all criticisms of millennials that I had experienced. They became friends, after coming to see me for training as recommended by another millennial that was, at the time, my housemate. […]
  • ‘Sorry, Not Beautiful.’ July 2, 2022
    2. It is not necessary to be a professional athlete training twice a day, for four hours a day, to achieve these outcomes. For those who have seen my Facebook, I have achieved my results (of which you can be the judge) training approximately six days a week, of which only two sessions are weight […]
  • ‘Sorry, Not Beautiful.’ June 22, 2022
    No doubt we were all amused this week by the back-and-forth between Sports Illustrated cover model Yumi Nu and Jordan Peterson. Peterson, a never-ending source of media outrage, tweeted, ‘Sorry, not beautiful’ in regard to her plus-sized appearance on the cover of Sports Illustrated. To which the model responded, saying something like, ‘Who cares what […]
  • Thomas Hardy: Character is Fate in ‘The Mayor of Casterbridge’ May 31, 2022
    ‘Character is fate, said Novalis, and Farfrae’s character was just the reverse of Henchard’s, who might not be inaptly described as Faust has been described – as a vehement gloomy being who had quitted the ways of vulgar men without light to guide him on a better way.’ Thomas Hardy, The Mayor of Casterbridge, P. […]
  • Stolen Focus: Recovering the Sense of Flow May 1, 2022
    I’ve been reading a bit about the effect of the smart phone on the attention span, and I must confess, I recognise a number of Johann Hari’s observations in my own behaviour. And I am ashamed of it. Hari says it’s not my fault; there’s a conspiracy of environmental factors as work, but I still […]
  • Miyamoto Musashi Versus Cameron Quinn: A Book of Five Rings April 21, 2022
    2. What are your thoughts on M as a mythological figure? History does that to larger than life characters. I’ve watched films about Mas Oyama, and they are ridiculous. It’s similar to what has become of a bodhisattva. Essentially, folklore turns extraordinary people into demi-gods. Musashi, for all his refinement and culture, was quite brutish […]
  • Miyamoto Musashi Versus Cameron Quinn: A Book of Five Rings April 12, 2022
    Shihan Cameron Quinn is, by the standards of ‘Theme Park…’, a luminary. He began training in Kyokushin Karate in 1971 and lived in Japan in 1976, studying Japanese and training at the Kyokushin Honbu dojo in Tokyo under Kyokushin founder, Mas Oyama. From 1978 until 1987, he competed in full contact karate tournaments, placing and […]
  • Instagram: Is Photography the Language of the Lie? February 12, 2022
    ‘Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.’ – Oscar Wilde I remember when I was doing the creative writing course at film school, the principal lecturer once told us that, as film makers, we were ‘telling a lie to tell […]
  • Brave New World: Beware the Philosopher December 26, 2021
    “I think Brave New World is the best science fiction book ever, definitely the most prescient. Huxley was writing in the early 1930’s with Stalin and Hitler around, but what he was envisioning was our present. “He did not envisage a totalitarian regime with concentration camps and all that. He envisaged a consumerist society whose supreme value […]
  • I Have Recently Begun to Dream About Fucking You November 26, 2021
    I have recently begun to dream about fucking you. That’s surprisingly late, given we’ve been spending time together now for the better part of six months. Initially, I’d dream about you every night, in the last hour before waking. I would dream little scenarios of us together; shopping, eating, driving. Sometimes, I’d even dream of […]

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