• The Heavy Bag is a Koan April 28, 2021
    ‘There must be rites,’ [the Fox said]. ‘What’s a rite?’ asked the Little Prince. ‘It is a thing too often neglected…’ The Little Prince, Antoine De Saint-Exupery p.61 I have a young man coming to see me for boxing training. His older brother bought him a ten-session package for an eighteenth birthday present, because learning […]
  • The Dark Side of Unconditional Love April 8, 2021
    Anyone who has been abused by a family member, or a partner, understands unconditional love. I mean, when was the last time someone punched you in the face? How long did you think about it? You were probably most of the way past it by the time you had the tooth fixed, or the stitches […]
  • You Embarrass the Roses March 22, 2021
    You embarrass the roses I see them leaning together, whispering, looking, Murmuring in spiteful, jealous consensus As you pass by The authority of your stride moving through your skirt with the subtlety of a breeze You’re wearing your Mona Lisa smile And I know That the secret that fills the vortex at their centre is […]
  • Flannery O’Connor Hates You March 20, 2021
    I’d never read Flannery O’Connor until lockdown. I’d seen her listed as one of the outstanding writers of the twentieth century, specifically in terms of her short stories. I had time on my hands, so I bought her collected works. In short, I was astonished. By my definition, her stories are ‘Great’ works of literature […]
  • Happy 60th Birthday, Henry Rollins February 28, 2021
    The first disturbing event of first-year university was the day I went to meet a childhood friend of mine when he was discharged from the insane asylum. I can’t remember the exact details, but smoking too much pot had triggered a psychotic break of the ‘everyone is out to get me!’ variety. There was nothing […]
  • Why I Don’t Believe in the Patriarchy (But Still Consider Myself a Feminist) February 19, 2021
    2. When Lisa Wilkinson explained on ‘The Project’ television program that Eurydice Dixon was murdered by a man who was the pointy end of a patriarchal culture which is driven to murder women as it sexualises them, I was outraged. That young woman’s tragic death was the result of a severely mentally ill man who […]
  • Why I Don’t Believe in the Patriarchy (But Still Consider Myself A Feminist). February 16, 2021
    1. The patriarchy is like Satan, the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus. Sure, there’s some kind of cause and effect involved, but the figure itself is bought into being by those wanting to explain more subtle and complex phenomena, but are happy to settle for an easy answer with a face on it. If I […]
  • ‘Ashes in Your Mouth’: Spending Time in Giovanni’s Room. February 7, 2021
    “You think,” [Jacques] persisted, “That my life is shameful because my encounters are. And they are. But you should ask yourself why they are.” “Why are they – shameful?” “Because there is no affection in them, and no joy. It’s like putting an electric plug in a dead socket. Touch, but no contact. All touch, […]
  • Surgery January 24, 2021
    I act nonchalant and brush off people’s demonstrations of care and concern, but the truth is, I fear hospital like your dog fears the vet. There’s something lurking there, some force that borders on the supernatural, attended by bright lights and nepenthe and when you return to consciousness, it’s like returning from an alien abduction. […]
  • Guard Dog in the Temple of the Goddess December 25, 2020
    The Goddess stirs within the temple deep Candles flicker on the sun-burnished gong Waked by the rasping of her naked feet I observe the enigma of the throne With their robes and candles, their cymbals and bells Priests conform to scripture, and its motions Down through the dark universe of her smell I track along […]

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