• Untitled November 16, 2017
    Ben Edwards is a beast. After making a significant impression on international heavyweight boxing and kickboxing, he is poised to make an elephantine splash at the deep end of the swimming pool of MMA. He fights Westside MMA stalwart Jeremy Joiner this Friday night in Canberra on Monaro Fight Circuit 26. How’s life as an […]
  • Morbid Love September 13, 2017
    Aftermath/Afterword The thought of publishing this on my blog made me sick. I sent it around to all the respectable internet publishing magazines, hoping they would pick it up. Publication in a newspaper, magazine or established outlet like The Guardian, The Atlantic or even Vice confers a certain credibility. This piece found its genesis in […]
  • Morbid Love September 10, 2017
      Final I had met her ex. He was the ugliest man I had ever seen in my life. After I had called her on the phone early on, he had heard the message and gone into my place of work to look for me. After some phone tag via SMS, I agreed to meet […]
  • Box Office Appeal: Mayweather Versus McGregor September 8, 2017
    Published in ‘Mayweather Vs McGregor: Money Fight.’ “The public has been hoodwinked. It’s the biggest farce in boxing history,” says Peter Graham, former world champion heavyweight boxer, kickboxer and mixed martial artist. “It’s amazing so many people think that Macgregor can win the fight. It’s a bookmaker’s dream come true.” Peter is quick to list […]
  • Morbid Love September 5, 2017
    5 I could feel an ugly future closing in. The way I experienced the world changed, and I felt myself becoming depressed. When she lost her temper, she was like a wild animal. I could see by looking into her eyes that she wasn’t thinking, and really didn’t know what she was doing. I knew […]
  • Morbid Love September 3, 2017
      4 The first time was over ice-cream. She had eaten the entire carton and when I asked where it had all gone, showing her the carton, she slapped me. I slapped her back. She went on a rampage; smashing dishes, threatening to cut herself with a kitchen knife and punching the walls and floor […]
  • Morbid Love August 27, 2017
      3 The first time I hit a woman – and the second time, in fact – was a calculated decision. The first time was my first serious girlfriend. One day, I came home from having breakfast with a mate after a long Saturday night at work to be confronted by a raging girlfriend. She […]
  • Theme Parks and Obstacle Courses August 20, 2017
    Final “Before I went overseas, I had a car accident. On the Great Ocean Road. My brother and I…” Pat’s eyeline crossed over Natalie’s. His shame reared up and struck him. He dropped his head and wiped his face on his sleeve. He wanted to get down from the lectern, but the audience seemed a […]
  • Morbid Love August 15, 2017
      2 I probably first walked into a fight gym shortly after that so I could learn to stand up to him physically because reason and honesty weren’t working, but it was more than that. When I looked in the mirror, I saw what he saw; I was weak. And ugly. He was disgusted by […]
  • Theme Parks and Obstacle Courses – A novel August 10, 2017
    76 Natalie had offered to drive, but Pat declined. The Val was a lot different to her Mitsubishi. When steering, the front of the car seemed to change direction like an ocean liner, as if pivoting from the back wheels. Taking a mangled car back to Johnny would have been one of the few remaining […]