• Tool and the Descanting of Galileo’s Mathematical Language of God March 15, 2020
    2. Galileo said that mathematics is the true language of God. Editions of the Koran, decorated with fields of geometric lines that can be seen in museums all over the Middle East – and the way those designs find their way into the ceilings of Mosques throughout that region – bear Galileo’s dictum out. Similar […]
  • Tool and the Descanting of Galileo’s Mathematical Language of God March 10, 2020
    1. Nothing locks a reader out of an article like hyperbolae, but it’s a struggle to find any terms other to describe what was experienced at Tool’s most recent Australian shows. Put simply, the opening track, ‘Fear Inoculum’ was one of the most remarkable, powerful artefacts of popular culture that I have experienced to date. […]
  • Girl in the Rain at the Airport, at Night February 27, 2020
      Headlights blossom across the rainswept screen As the rain hammers on the roof of the cab When the rabble parts she’s suddenly seen Dragging her little suitcase through the pack   Her lips, her brows and soundless bell of hair Are as memory drew them, just the same; but Her eyes are mercurial ghosts […]
  • Hitler, By Joachim Fest February 18, 2020
    Now, more than ever, this is a book that needs to be read. I picked it up after reading the recent Anthony Roberts biography, Winston Churchill: A Walk With Destiny. Part of the blurb on that book described it as being the only bio of Churchill you need to read and you can turn your […]
  • Choke (2) February 2, 2020
                                  The sting in my hand from where I’ve struck her The welt that’s swiftly rising on her thigh The mark glaring through its suntanned lustre The bolt of pain that taints her almond eye   The sweat that gathers in […]
  • Choke (1) January 23, 2020
    The sting in my hand from where I’ve struck her  The welt that’s swiftly rising on her thigh  The mark that’s glaring through its suntanned lustre  The bolt of pain that taints her almond eye    The sweat that gathers in dusky creases of  The body that’s knotted like a rope  The sigh that’s strangled […]
  • Is ‘Joker’ the Best Film of 2019? December 26, 2019
      “Hitler, as the point of convergence for so many nostalgias, resentments and anxieties, became a historical figure.” – Joachim Fest, Hitler In the wake of the Sandy Hook School Shooting in 2012, President Obama gave a press conference during which he beseeched Americans to support the introduction of basic mental health screenings for gun […]
  • Superleggera November 14, 2019
      My love sets her jaw upon her anger  Sits with her back towards the High street  Collagen asymmetry, botox rictus  Her cheek a chiaroscuro of hunger    I sit opposite, without an answer  Observed by the pitiless eye of my espresso  Until the afternoon is torn in two By raucous farting from a steely […]
  • Faded Lovers, Arcane Gods October 17, 2019
      An ex-girlfriend of mine turns 28 tomorrow. I have spent the last few weeks writing her a sonnet, to the surprise and consternation of the friends with whom I have discussed it. They make noises about how I need to ‘put it behind me’. The truth is, no one I have loved has ever […]
  • Your Voice is a Caress Most Definite October 3, 2019
      Your voice is a caress most definite On velvet footfalls your words descend The vertiginous staircase within my head To take up mysterious residence   Modelling from the darkness a bower Where meaning is resonant temperature That blossoms across my eyelids into colour A verdure of mysterious flowers   These flowers turn their faces […]

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