Jarrod Boyle BA, GradDip

Jarrod Boyle has been a personal trainer for the last fifteen years. In that time, he has also been a professional fighter. After winning the Victorian Super-Heavyweight kickboxing championship in 2007, he was drafted to one of Europe’s top kickboxing teams, Golden Glory.

Jarrod retired from fighting shortly after and returned to Australia having had a hell of a time, but valuing his marbles. Since then, he has been published in The Age and on the ABC News website, and appeared as a regular guest on Radio National’s The Exercise Room. He has also been a member of the editorial staff at International Kickboxer Magazine, as well as a regular contributor to both Blitz Martial Arts Magazine and FightLive Magazine.

He has also worked as a writer for Australia’s number-one manufacturer of hardcore gym and fitness equipment, Iron Edge, premium suppliers to the AFL, NRL, SAS, Crossfit gyms nation-wide, and other organisations that require elite standard training gear.

Jarrod wrote instructional manuals, maintained the website and catalogue, and produced numerous fitness articles for magazines and newspapers. He also taught their kettlebell accreditation course to personal trainers.

In the arc of his career, he has taken a heady dose of his own medicine. He has hefted the sandbags, lifted the weights, swung the kettlebells, battled the ropes, bounced the medicine balls and worn the punches and kicks in Australia, Thailand, Japan, New Zealand and Europe. He has also trained, interviewed, and travelled with some of the best fighters in Australia and the world.

At Tyger Tyger, Jarrod draws on all of this to provide a uniquely satisfying experience that will get you as fit and strong as you could possibly want, without any of the boredom or repetition that is a feature of the average training program. You’ll leave the gym looking a million dollars without spending it, carrying a retinue of genuine skills and insights to boot.