James Ross BHSc, MExSci, PhD(c)

James Ross is a highly experienced and technical personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach, and amateur sports scientist. His expertise finds its particular focus on kettlebell and mixed implement training: James has taught workshops on the use of these training tools nation-wide.

Described by his peers as the best male kettlebell lifter in Australia, James has competed a number of times in the World Girevoy Championships. He has previously won gold as an amateur competitor, and in 2019, won a bronze medal in his weight class as a professional.

Currently completing his second Master’s degree by research, James believes that, “When you’ve been through a process of critical scrutiny, when you are exposed to critical thinking and research, you learn what’s really good and what isn’t. It gives an insight into long-term programming; the bigger picture, if you like.”

James is the true warrior of iron who forges an indissoluble bond between fitness and science. He does so through by combining his passion for science-based training methods with practical application to improve performance and fitness in both athletes and the general public alike.

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