Sandbags, deadballs, power ropes, aqua bags, Bulgarian bags, India clubs and power bands are just a few of the implements to be found lying harmlessly around the modern gym.

 It can be hard to figure out how to use them, and harder still to work them into an effective training program. Used correctly, these implements put another facet on your fitness, while keeping you constantly engaged with developing your skills.

 In many ways, dumbbells and barbells educate you on the territory of resistance training, allowing you to learn basic lifts and their variations with balanced, predictable implements.

 Mixed implements are chararacterized by unstable or imbalanced loads that will challenge your balance, strength, co-ordination and core strength, as well as your technique and intelligence.

 Weight training defines the territory. Mixed implements are the adventure.


The term ‘mixed implements’ covers a range of different equipment, some common, some not. They can put a very specific edge on sports conditioning but will also give greater breadth to your general conditioning, as well as being fun and challenging.

Sand bags are more forgiving than dumbbells and barbells, but because they contain an unstable, constantly moving load, require greater core stability and neural activation. A moving load also demands focus and adaptability.

Medicine balls open the door to a range of ballistic weight training and allow you to load up with an easy-to-hold object.

Dead balls are essentially a lead-filled ball that, unlike a traditional medicine ball, doesn’t bounce. It can be added to any exercise that you can use a medicine ball for, although it will be more stubborn and resistant.

Power ropes are a great source of upper body cardio, given that almost all forms of cardio are performed with the lower body. They also train core stability.

India clubs are an ancient form of resistance training, used by Indian wrestlers for thousands of years. They were even an Olympic event during the early twentieth century. Excellent for developing shoulder and wrist strength, they are also useful for rehab.

Bulgarian Bags are the invention of Bulgarian wrestler and strength coach, Ivan Ivanov. Ivanov discovered that the strongest people in his native country were shepherds, who carried injured sheep and goats whilst tending their flocks. It also happened that sheep and goats were used in strength contests at Bulgarian fairs and carnivals.

The Bulgarian Bag is designed to be swung in an elliptical manner. It is also soft, so you can hold it in ways you can’t hold a dumbbell or barbell. Lastly, it allows movement patterns that aren’t possible with any other form of equipment.

 Power Bands are bands made from latex rubber. They offer a kind of ‘live’ resistance which is constantly working against you, and can be used to add a greater degree of challenge to any exercise. Their application for rehab is broad and sophisticated.



By addressing the different aspects of fitness with a comprehensive range of implements and skill-oriented disciplines, we seek to fully engage the master muscle of the imagination. In this respect, the body is both the hammer and the anvil.

At Tyger Tyger, we focus on the following: weight training (to help build a healthy, durable body from the inside out); boxing and fight training (because it requires every aspect of fitness – strength, speed, stamina, flexibility and co-ordination); kettlebells (great tool for building functional strength) and mixed implements (which give breadth to your general conditioning, as well as being fun and challenging).



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