Kettlebells started life in rural Russia as implements for weighing grain at market. Someone decided to swing one around and, in the process, discovered one of the world’s most versatile and effective conditioning tools.

 The Kettlebell’s reputation was cemented during conscription for the First World War. Candidates from parts of the country where the Kettlebell was popular presented as exceptionally fit, lean and strong. Shortly after, they became the official conditioning tool for the Red Army.

 The Kettlebell is distinguished from all other resistance training implements by its displaced center of mass. Most resistance training equipment has a central point of balance at equal distance from its extremities (like the barbell or dumbbell). With a Kettlebell, the center of mass is located in the sphere, some distance from the handle. This gives the bell what often feels like a mind of its own.

 Kettlebells are especially effective because they focus on training the ‘posterior chain.’ This is the sequence of muscles that constitute the legs and back and are the cornerstone of a fit, strong physique. Kettlebells also require a degree of skill. This is a bonus, because developing a skill is the best way to combat boredom.


  1. Kettlebells increase your functional strength.

A lot of weight training will make you theoretically stronger, but kettlebells make you functionally so. It’s one thing to press one hundred kilos on a bench, but applying that strength requires speed, co-ordination, balance and power. These qualities are integral features of kettlebell training.

  1. Kettlebells train your posterior chain.

Most exercise is concerned with the anterior aspect, or front of the body. Fitness and well-being relies on the posterior, however, and kettlebells train the posterior chain like nothing else.

  1. Kettlebells will give you knockout power!

Power comes from speed and strength that explodes through a co-ordinated chain of muscular contractions. Certain kettlebell movements, the snatch in particular, will significantly develop that capacity.

  1. Cheap, durable and easy to use.

Kettlebells are easy to use and don’t require any kind of maintenance, other than garden-variety common sense. Training is both simple and skilful, and means that it’s easy to get started, but is sure to keep you entertained. Applying yourself to basic swings and movements a few times a week will give you significant improvements in both fitness and performance.

Kettlebells: Because you can never have too much iron in your diet.



By addressing the different aspects of fitness with a comprehensive range of implements and skill-oriented disciplines, we seek to fully engage the master muscle of the imagination. In this respect, the body is both the hammer and the anvil.

At Tyger Tyger, we focus on the following: weight training (to help build a healthy, durable body from the inside out); boxing and fight training (because it requires every aspect of fitness – strength, speed, stamina, flexibility and co-ordination); kettlebells (great tool for building functional strength) and mixed implements (which give breadth to your general conditioning, as well as being fun and challenging).



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