Tyger Tyger boasts a deluxe iHealth far-infrared sauna, additionally offering both colour therapy and aromatherapy.

Infra-red saunas provide a multitude of health benefits, including accelerated recovery from injury and illness as well as weight loss and detoxification.

Far less stressful than a traditional Swedish sauna, the far infrared heats your body, rather than the air around it. For this reason, the sauna operates at a significantly lower temperature.

This is the cheapest and best sauna available in the Malvern area.

Recovery from Exercise

Infra-red sauna use after exercise stimulates the release of human growth hormone.

Growth hormone speeds recovery and increases the super-compensation effect of training. In short: more bang for your buck.

Weight loss

The heat of a sauna raises the boy’s core temperature, which in turns raises the heart rate. Increased heart rate requires that the body burns more calories to maintain homeostasis. An article published in the Journal of the American Medical Association concluded that a thirty minute sauna session could burn up to six hundred calories.

Cellulite reduction

Increased circulation assists in the reduction of cellulite both in terms of its presence and appearance.

Improved circulation

As the heat from infrared saunas increases your core body temperature, your circulation will increase, also. Consistent infrared sauna use can stimulate blood flow, improve muscle recovery, and decrease pain and inflammation.

Pain relief

Infrared saunas can reduce swelling, inflammation and thereby improve muscle and joint pain.


Toxins are an unfortunate feature of modern life. Infrared sauna use facilitates seven times the detoxification rate of a traditional Swedish sauna.

Skin purification

Sweating in an infrared sauna helps release toxins from the skin, improving the appearance and function of the body’s largest organ.

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