The Ritual of Exercise

“Discomfort is the price of admission to a meaningful life.”

Susan David,

During her TED talk entitled, ‘The Gift and Power of Emotional Courage.’

There’s a problem with ‘modern’ gym training: you’re expected to leave your brain at the door. In reality, whether this is a good or bad thing is irrelevant; it’s not actually possible. Your mind has a habit of following you everywhere and demands to be involved in everything.

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Eight Ways to Spot a Good Gym

The Age Executive Style section, May 13, 2016 

A friend of mine applied for a job at the parent corporation of one of the two largest commercial gym chains in Australia.

He explained when he returned from the interview that their gyms were considered a sales business, rather than a service industry. ‘Doesn’t it make more sense to hang onto the people you already have?’ he asked.  

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