Alyssa Waugh is a recent graduate of Deakin University, holding a Bachelor of Exercise Sports Science with a major in strength and conditioning.

She has represented Victoria in nine Australian championships, including five track and field, three cross country and one surf lifesaving. Competition has directly informed her understanding of strength and conditioning training, in addition to giving her a practical appreciation for both injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Alyssa has experience of a number of high-level coaches, which has given her insight into how to get the best results from people. ‘The relationship is what makes it. You need to communicate, but work to form a relationship with the client that extends beyond the goal in front of you.’

Eye for detail is crucial to achieving the best outcome. ‘All the one-percent elements are what make you healthy, beyond the simple idea of what makes someone ‘fit’.

Alyssa is a positive, approachable person who believes that a good trainer exemplifies good health through the practice of positive, enjoyable habits of diet and exercise. These are habits she practices in her own life, and is now qualified and experienced to share.

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